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Amenti is a dark puzzle game set in a mystical world where pyramids lead to the death realm: Amenti. The year is 1872 and you’re a young archaeologist searching for the answer of your father's disappearance. You feel both scared and intrigued because you know that as you venture through the pyramid you get closer and closer to Amenti, the death realm and you know that if you reach it you will obtain the powers of the gods from all over the world. On your way down you pick up a ring, and as soon as you pick it up your hand becomes cursed and your flesh begins to rot away. However, the curse has given you supernatural powers. The only way to cure yourselves is to venture deeper into the death realm in search for an Ankh, an item of immense power, said to be able to resurrect the dead.

A school project made during 9 weeks, only a prototype of a vertical slice. Will take around 20 minutes to play. Controlled with Keyboard and Mouse.


Install instructions

Open the link next to the Download button to download the game. The button only helps for the stats.

Save the folder at a preferred location, click Amenti.exe to launch the game.




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how the fuck do you open this fucking file!?

i'm not able to download this, can anyone help me with that?

Really liked the game. Cool setting and nice puzzles. Would very much play a continuation/extension.

What needs to be done IMO is making sure the player isn't 'lost' in the first 5 min of playtime when he can't get out of the first room. By experimenting with the fire bowl I could get my left hand on fire and trying to bring that fire to the empty torches was a natural thing to do, this puzzle I could solve within a short amount of time.

Of course I also noticed the shiny plate on the floor with the RA-Symbol and I noticed the strange 'thingy' hanging from the wall. But at least for me making the connection that the 'thingy' is supposed to become the missing arc from the door didn't happen, I only watched this in the video from Whit30. While some amount of supernatural dealings are to be expcted from the setting, I simply had no idea that I would be dealing with that kind of possible solution.

When I' playing games like Fresco (http://frescogame.com/), this is obviously expected. But I fear that many potentials players will (like me) not 'get' this puzzle and just stop playing because the game ends there for them. In addition, the 'put your left hand on fire and use it to light torches' mechanic is explained in the big hall that follows, where it is "too late", because the player already needed that in the first room.

Tl;dnr: Nice setting and ideas; gently pushing the players in the right direction at the very beginning needs to be done IMO.

it says link has expired

Sorry about that, it's fixed now :)

Just a short look at this neat puzzler. If you see anything you like, be sure to give the devs a shout out.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, anytime.